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Basement Finishing in Trenton NJ: 3 Ideas to Give Your Home More Space

Basement Finishing

Whether you have a basement that’s unfinished or finished but being used only for storage, you’re in need of a basement finishing project. Of course, first you’ll need to decide what to do with the extra space. After ensuring it’s waterproofed, you can make plans to turn it into a functional space, where you and your family can spend many enjoyable hours. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started planning.

Wine Cellar

If you enjoy entertaining or enjoy wine with your meals, a wine cellar is the perfect use of your basement space. During your remodeling project, your contractor can build special wine racks to display your collection. A contractor can section off part of your basement and install temperature regulators to keep your wines at the perfect temperature at all times.

Second Kitchen

“My kitchen is too big,” said no one ever. If you do a lot of entertaining or host family holidays, you’re always looking for additional counter space, cabinets, refrigerator room, oven space and dishwasher racks. Installing a second kitchen in your finished basement provides you with all the cooking space you’ll ever need.

Entertainment Room

Everyone dreams of having a movie theater in their home and this is your chance to do just that. You can bring in a projector and surround sound system. Your contractor can create a sloped design in your basement to give you that stadium feeling and ensure everyone has a great view no matter where they sit. You can add a wet bar with small refrigerator and microwave for snacks during the films.

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Crawl Shield

CrawlShield: Protection from Radon Gas and Mold Growth


Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that has been proven to cause lung cancer. Exposure to the gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smoking individuals, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA further states that the gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US and accounts for approximately 21,000 cancer deaths per year.

Many homes across the United States suffer from radon gas. The gas occurs when natural deposits of uranium in soil, water and rocks breaks down. The breakdown process of the uranium releases radon gas into the environment that can seep into a home or business.

CrawlShield is an applied, heavy-duty liner barrier that encapsulates a crawl space. Having CrawlShield applied to your crawl space creates a healthy barrier to radon gas. The product helps reduce condensation, which frequently causes musty odors. CrawlShield also inhibits mold growth which can pose a significant health risk. Eliminating the risk of radon gas and mold spores creates healthier air quality in the home or business.

CrawlShield is an exceptionally strong, tear-resistant, durable product that is made entirely in the United States. It not only eliminates moisture in the crawl space but also creates an ideal layered surface for storage. White in color and 16 mils. thick, CrawlShield barrier brightens up a dark crawl space to create a more visually appealing area.

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