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Foundation Repair Common Misconceptions Trenton, NJ

Foundation Repair Common Misconceptions Trenton, NJ

Do you have basement wall cracks? Chances are that you’re searching the internet for information on how to repair these cracks and whether or not you should be worried about them. While the internet provides us with a lot of useful information, it is also a source of false information. If you’re not careful, you could end up going down a rabbit hole that could steer you off the right path.

before straightened walls wall anchors Foundation Repair Common Misconceptions Trenton, NJ

The following are myths about basement wall cracksthat every homeowner should be aware of.

  1. Cracks only appear on basement walls of homes that were poorly constructed

Foundation cracks are caused by various factors. Poor construction is just one causes of these cracks. Your wall may be cracking because of the natural settlement movements of your foundation. It could also be cracking because of high hydrostatic pressure from the soil surrounding the foundation. The cracking could also be a combination of various factors. The only way you can determine the root cause of the cracking is by having your foundation inspected by a foundation repair professional.

  1. You can fix leaky cracks by sealing them

Sealing cracks using crack injections is effective for stopping water seepage. However, this fix will only be temporary if it is used on its own. In fact, it can result in more serious damage as the water pressure continues to build up behind the wall.

Sealing of cracks should only be done if the underlying problem has been identified and resolved.

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  1. Foundation repair is expensive

Repairing foundation cracks isn’t always expensive. In fact, the faster you act on foundation cracks, the cheaper it is likely to be to have the cracks repaired. Ignoring the cracks will only result in the problem becoming worse and therefore more expensive to repair.

There are many cost-effective solutions for crack repair that offer long-term benefits. For example, installing carbon fiber straps isn’t costly. These straps last for years and provide long-term benefits for your foundation. Discuss your needs with your contractor and find a cost effective solution for the repair of your foundation cracks.

  1. You can’t sell your home with basement wall cracks

While cracks in foundation walls often put off buyers, it is not impossible to sell your home with cracks in the foundation. However, it is best to repair the cracks before putting your home on the market. You will get a better price for the house that way.

If you have a cracked foundation, be sure to discuss your needs with a professional contractor. This will ensure you have all the information you need to make the best choice.

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Signs That You Need To Contact A Foundation Repair Pro Immediately Morganville, NJ

Signs That You Need To Contact A Foundation Repair Pro Immediately Morganville, NJ

The foundation of your house plays two very critical roles. First, it supports the building by bearing its weight and ensuring that the walls of the house stand firm. Second, the foundation helps keep moisture out of your building by acting as a barrier against water in the surrounding ground. Therefore, signs of damage to the foundation of your house can be worrying.

Interior Wall Crack and Bowing Walls Signs That You Need To Contact A Foundation Repair Pro Immediately Morganville, NJ

What is more worrying is that some signs of foundation problems can be insidious and not easy to notice. Other signs of foundation damage can be seen very far away from the foundation, such as on door frames and windows.

But the good news is that many foundation problems can be repaired. All you have to do is to act quickly by requesting a foundation repair company to inspect your building in case you see or perceive any signs of foundation damage.You need to call a foundation repair company for help if you see any of the following signs in your house.  

  1. An uneven floor and doors that are out of position

If your floor becomes uneven or suddenly starts slanting towards one side, you are likely to be dealing with a foundation issue. Also, if your doors become really out of position, this could mean that the walls have moved due to foundation issues.

damaged foundation Signs That You Need To Contact A Foundation Repair Pro Immediately Morganville, NJ
  1. Interior and exterior cracks

While small vertical cracks may be nothing to worry about, but you need to be concerned about your foundation if you notice large vertical cracks and diagonal cracks on your foundation or walls. Horizontal cracks also indicate serious foundation issues.

  1. Door and window frames separated from the brick wall

If your door or window frames pull away from the brick wall, you could be having a notable foundation problem.

  1. Tile cracks

Although tiles are hard, they are quite brittle. While there are many causes of tile cracking, too many cracked tiles in one part of your building could be an indication of foundation issues. 

  1. Walls pulling away from each other

If you notice that one or more external walls are pulling away from the rest of your building, you should call a foundation repair expert immediately. Walls pulling away indicates that the foundation is unstable or has settled unevenly.

  1. Bowing foundation walls

Foundation wall bowing occurs due to factors such as increased hydrostatic pressure from the soil that surrounds the foundation or large roots expanding towards the foundation. Wall bowing can cause major cracks and even lead to a building’s collapse if left unrepaired.

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