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Elevator Waterproofing – What to Do When You Find Water in Your Elevator Pit Morganville, NJ

Elevator Waterproofing – What to Do When You Find Water in Your Elevator Pit  Morganville, NJ

Have you found water in your elevator pit? Elevator pits lie below the level of the foundation of buildings. This means that water intrusion is a common problem for elevator pits. Elevator waterproofing can help to protect your building from equipment damage and the hazards that water intrusion presents.

If you’ve found water in your elevator pit, the following are some steps you should take for the safety of your elevator system and building.

  1. Stop using the elevator
Elevator pit water intrusion Elevator Waterproofing – What to Do When You Find Water in Your Elevator Pit  Morganville, NJ

The mechanics and electrical circuits for running the elevator are located within the elevator pit. If there’s water in the pit, it can cause damage to the circuits and the elevator system. Operating the elevator when there’s water in the elevator pit is dangerous. Be sure to stop usage of the elevator immediately.

  • Get in touch with your elevator service provider

It is important to get in touch with your elevator service provider for support. They should be able to provide you with technicians that are trained to handle such situations. This isespecially important in case systems are damaged and require repair. It is also important for maintenance of the elevator and ensuring that it works well after the water is removed.

  • Contact an elevator waterproofing company

Get in touch with an elevator waterproofing company to remove the water and determine its source. The company will also provide solutions to keep water out of the elevator pit based on the findings of their inspection.

Please note that not all waterproofing companies can provide elevator waterproofing services. You should look for a contractor that is experienced in waterproofing elevator pits. This will increase your chances of success with waterproofing. You will have less to worry about in future.

If you want to get the best deal, you should contact at least three companies and request for quotations. Compare the quotations and choose the company that offers the best value for money.

  • Provide an alternative for elevator users

Waterproofing an elevator pit often isn’t something that can be done in one day. Depending on the issue, waterproofing may take two or three days and, in some cases, even longer. It’s therefore important to provide visitors to the building with alternatives, for example, the use of the emergency stairs or a service elevator.

Waterproofing your elevator pit is important for the safety of your building. Be sure to hire an experienced contractor for the job.

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Don’t Miss the Signs That Your Home Needs Foundation Repair Trenton, NJ

Don’t Miss the Signs That Your Home Needs Foundation Repair Trenton, NJ

Foundation repair is required in many situations. However, a small crack does not indicate an immediate need for foundation repair. There are plenty of signs and signals that something is not right with your foundation when there happens to be potential serious damage. Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore the signals, allowing things to deteriorate further. If these homeowners had paid attention and called for help at the first sign of trouble, repairs could have taken place before further damage took place. These repairs would have been easier, less expensive, and there would have been less damage to their home and belongings. Below are some signs to consider.

Cracks, Crumbling, and Water

One of the first signs that your foundation is in trouble is usually cracking in the foundation. These cracks allow water to get into the basement. The cracks can and often do become worse over time.

Cracks and walls can get repaired, and your basement can get waterproofed. It is important to note that not all water in the basement points to foundation issues. The water may be coming up into the basement due to a high water level. In this case, having your basement waterproofed will stop the problem.

Doors and Windows that Are Difficult to Open and Close

If your doors and windows are becoming more challenging to operate, it is a sign of foundation problems. Think back to when you first moved into your home, did they open and close more easily? They may become more difficult over a long period, which makes it harder for you to notice, so it’s essential to pay attention.

Look Up

Do your ceiling and molding meet? They did at one time, and they should still meet now. If they do not, your foundation could very well be the cause, and you should have it checked out.

The above are a few of the signs of foundation issues. Pay attention to your house, so that you will be alerted at the first sign of problems. Foundation issues can impact the entire integrity of your structure. If they are allowed to progress, you could experience bowing walls and wall failure. A strong foundation is needed to have a safe and secure home. If you suspect foundation issues, call for a professional inspection today.

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Who Cares About Crawlspace Waterproofing? You Should Middletown, NJ

As a homeowner, you have enough to worry about and take care of around the home. You might consider areas such as the crawlspace unimportant. If this sounds like you, you are mistaken. You may even be one of the many homeowners who think that water in your crawlspace is okay and normal. Again, this is a mistake. Instead of wondering who cares about crawlspace waterproofing, ask yourself if this is something that should concern you. If you have water in your crawlspace, it is something that you should be worried about for many reasons. crawl space waterproofing 300x225 Who Cares About Crawlspace Waterproofing? You Should Middletown, NJ

Mold and Mildew Spreads

If your crawlspace is wet or even just moist, you run the risk of mold and mildew. Don’t automatically assume that the mold infestation is going to stay in the crawl space. Mold can spread and could find its way upstairs to your living space. Mold can cause a variety of ailments that can impact you and your family. Mold can cause headaches, sneezing, stuffy nose, asthma, and more. It needs oxygen, water, and food. All these things that are plentiful in your crawlspace.

You Think You Don’t Have Food in Your Crawlspace.

When you read about what mold needs to grow, you may have thought to yourself that you do not have food in your crawlspace. You may not have food that you would want to eat, but you do have food that mold enjoys.

  • The wet and humid crawl space environment is attractive to insects. As insects die in your crawlspace, they are the perfect thing for mold to feed.
  • Rodents also enjoy living in a wet crawl space.
  • Don’t be surprised to learn that snakes are living in the area, as well.

While the crawl space is not hospitable for humans, insects, rodents, and snakes find the conditions to be perfect.

Air Rises

A wet crawl space is not a healthy crawlspace. The air is unhealthy, and as you know, air rises. That unhealthy air is going into your home. You may not even notice it, but it’s happening.

This information should help you understand why you should care about having your crawlspace waterproofed. Don’t let mold, insects, rodents, and unhealthy air overtake your home. You put so much care and effort into keeping your home clean and healthy, don’t stop at the crawlspace. Call the professional waterproofing company to inspect, diagnose, and waterproof your space.

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basement finishing

Basement Finishing in Trenton NJ: 3 Ideas to Give Your Home More Space

Basement Finishing

Whether you have a basement that’s unfinished or finished but being used only for storage, you’re in need of a basement finishing project. Of course, first you’ll need to decide what to do with the extra space. After ensuring it’s waterproofed, you can make plans to turn it into a functional space, where you and your family can spend many enjoyable hours. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started planning.

Wine Cellar

If you enjoy entertaining or enjoy wine with your meals, a wine cellar is the perfect use of your basement space. During your remodeling project, your contractor can build special wine racks to display your collection. A contractor can section off part of your basement and install temperature regulators to keep your wines at the perfect temperature at all times.

Second Kitchen

“My kitchen is too big,” said no one ever. If you do a lot of entertaining or host family holidays, you’re always looking for additional counter space, cabinets, refrigerator room, oven space and dishwasher racks. Installing a second kitchen in your finished basement provides you with all the cooking space you’ll ever need.

Entertainment Room

Everyone dreams of having a movie theater in their home and this is your chance to do just that. You can bring in a projector and surround sound system. Your contractor can create a sloped design in your basement to give you that stadium feeling and ensure everyone has a great view no matter where they sit. You can add a wet bar with small refrigerator and microwave for snacks during the films.

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basement storage in trenton nj

Creative Ideas for Basement Storage in Trenton NJ

Basement Storage in Trenton NJ

Everybody loves a house with a basement. Even if it is just used for storage, the basement is a luxury of untapped space. While the livable basement is the vogue right now, if you don’t have the budget to convert your unfinished basement to living space, create an organized storage area.

The key is organizing your basement

The trick to any storage is organizing. Remember, most people have too much stuff so it is OK to go through your stuff, especially if you buy something new. A good rule is to throw away something old for everything you buy new. This theory helps you not get too much stuff. Too much stuff is the death of organizing and staying organized. Once you have purged the items that you never, ever use or don’t want anymore it is time to find their proper place in the storage zone.

Store less frequently used items in the basement

Obviously, the stuff you put in the basement shouldn’t be your everyday items. All of your every day, every week, and even every month, stuff should be more accessible than stored in the basement. Every day items should be stored in accessible drawers. Stuff you use every week should be in cupboards and pantries on the main living area in the room where it will be most used. The items you use about every month can be in the top of the closet—away but not too far away. Items stored in the basement should be once or twice a year items. Holiday decorations are a great example of a good basement storage item.

The exception is if you need to use the basement storage in Trenton NJ as more like a pantry or for bulk item storage. If you need this type of storage make sure the daily or weekly items are accessible. Storage shelves are good for the pantry-type items needed for storage in the basement. Make sure your storage shelves are fully accessible. Don’t fill up your shelves with your Costco toilet paper and then stack boxes in front of them. It will make it a pain to get to the stuff you need.

Have an organized system so you know where everything is

Organize the items you want to store by likeness. For example, all the Christmas stuff should be together and all the sports equipment should be together. Another common sense tip, but it has to be said. Taking the time to make sure all your ski boots are stored with your poles will save you time when it is time to hit the slopes.

Be aware that basements can flood

Basement storage in NJ may be a little different from other storage space in your house. Remember, the basement is below ground so the environment will be different than the upper levels of the house. Make sure that you don’t store cardboard boxes or any other organic material storage containers on the floor. Storage boxes should be plastic and at least six inches off the ground. Basement can flood and it is easier to just keep the plastic storage boxes off the ground than to deal with soggy, cardboard boxes after a basement flood.

Waterproof Your Basement

Even with that, any water issues should be dealt with in the basement. Never store anything in the basement if there are signs of water issues without taking care of them. Visible standing water, water stains, peeling paint, water bubbles, mildew, mold, musty odors or foundation cracks are all signs of water issues in the basement. Even if you are just using the basement as storage it makes sense to fix any water issues to create a dry, basement environment. Then if you ever wanted to convert the basement into living space it is already prepped with the proper waterproofing and drainage systems.

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