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Why You Should Have A Battery Backup System Trenton, NJ

Why You Should Have A Battery Backup System Trenton, NJ

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you need to have a dependable sump pump and a good battery backup system. Because of their location below other floors of a building, basements and crawlspaces are prone to flooding, and this can cause notable damage and health issues in your home.

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When water accumulates in your basement or crawlspace, the moisture can cause significant damage to the floor and walls. Humid conditions also cause the growth of mold, which apart from causing damage to drywalls walls, ceilings and other structures, also causes health problems like allergies and respiratory issues.

It is therefore important to have a mechanism that can efficiently and consistently remove water from areas that are prone to flooding. One of the ways to achieve this is by installing a sump pump and having a reliable battery backup system.

Sump pump?

This is a device that is used to remove water from areas that are susceptible to flooding. To play their role effectively, sump pumps are positioned in the lowest points in a home, notably within the crawlspace or the basement.

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How a sump pump works

A sump pump is designed such that it turns on automatically when the level of water at the point where it is located reaches a certain point. This happens during occurrences such as flooding when it rains or when there is a substantial leakage from the plumbing systems. The sump pump removes the water and dumps it at a designated area outside through its discharge pipe.

How a battery backup system can help you

A battery backup system helps ensure that your sump pump is on standby at all times. Interestingly, flooding of the basement is in most cases associated with bad weather. Storms and falling trees can leave you without power. Yet it is during storms that your sump pump needs to be up and running.

With a battery backup system, you are able to protect your home from flooding by ensuring that your sump pump has power even when the mains electricity fails. A battery backup system turns on automatically any time there is a power outage in your home.

So, by installing a good battery backup system, you will not have any reason to worry in the event that there is a storm because your sump pump will function normally.

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French drains

Using French Drains To Create a Healthy Living Environment

French Drains

One of the greatest concerns for any homeowner is to ensure their living space is safe. While there are many other sources of impurities in the indoor air, the basement is credited with many varieties of pollutants. The problem with these living spaces is their location below the surface making them susceptible to water leakage.

Basement water is a common frustration for homeowners and in fact, it has forced many homeowners to neglect these spaces. Water entry and high moisture levels cause mold growth, which is one of the major indoor air pollutants. By failing to deal conclusively with the water seepage issue, you will also have to grapple with high humidity levels that not only precipitate respiratory problems but also lead to property damage including dry rot and metal rusting.

However, you can now handle basement water through installation of a French drain and in the process, improve the quality of indoor air. If you have noticed an increase in respiratory infections in your family, it is likely that you have mold growth in your basement. While many people try glossing over basement water issues through painting and other temporary measures, it is advisable to talk to a waterproofing contractor who has experience installing French drains.

How a French Drain Helps

A French drain can be installed either externally or internally, but the function it plays is the same. The installation process involves excavation of an outdoor and indoor trench where a perforated PVC pipe is then laid. The pipe should be slanted in such a way that the collected water is driven away quickly. Once this is done, the trench is filled with porous materials such as rocks before the original backfill is returned.

All surface water will find its way into the perforated pipe and driven either to a sump pit for pumping or directly driven away from the property. The principle used here is that water uses the route with least resistance and now that this pipe is perforated and covered in porous materials, surface water will easily flow in to be driven away from your home.

When thinking of home improvement, a French drain might not be on your priority list but looking at the benefits it offers, it should rank up there. French drains not only help protect your home’s foundation against water damage, but they also protect your family by providing a healthy living environment.

French Drain

Interior and Exterior French Drain Solutions

French Drain

If you’re having a problem with basement moisture, you may need to install a French drain. This can be a great asset to your home. It offers various advantages including:

  1. It is an effective long term solution for moisture problems

If you want to keep water from flooding your basement, then a French drain is a great solution. This feature will direct water away from the foundation and keep it from causing a flood or other moisture problems. You won’t have to deal with a wet or messy basement ever again.

  1. It is easy to install

This solution for basement moisture is easy to install and requires no maintenance. With the help of an experienced contractor, you can have it installed within a few hours and begin to enjoy the benefits of a dry basement.

  1. It is a green solution

These drains rely on gravity for their function. If you’re looking for an economical and green way to direct water away from your basement, then this is the best solution. You can go a step further by requesting your contractor to use eco-friendly materials for the construction of your drain.

The only difficultly you’ll experience with this solution is deciding on whether you want to have an exterior or interior drain tile.

Interior Drains

An interior drain tile will not prevent water from finding its way into the basement. However, it will collect and guide water into a well where a sump pump can pump it out of the basement. Installing the drain tile involves cutting a channel in the floor along the perimeter of your basement. The soil below the floor is excavated and the drain tile installed. A well and sump pump are also installed in the basement.

Exterior Drains

Exterior drains help prevent water from penetrating the basement walls. The installation involves the excavation of the ground around the basement and installing the drain along the footings and foundation walls. There is no sump pump required in a system where water is guided away from the basement walls and into the storm drain. An exterior sump pump may be installed if the water is not guided to the storm drain.

Talk to your basement contractor and determine which method of waterproofing is best for your basement. Consider the pros and cons of each solution before making your final decision.

drain tiles

3 Reasons Why a Plumber Shouldn’t Install Drain Tiles

Drain Tiles

Basement waterproofing refers to the process of using certain methods, materials and techniques to prevent water from penetrating the basement of a building or house. Since a basement is always located underneath the house or building waterproofing would require the use of strong sealants and materials as well as the installation of drain pipes and sumps to collect and remove water from accumulating in the basement.

Finding someone to repair leaks in your basement or home and perform any other repairs related to water seepage, leaking or flooding can be difficult. If you have a ‘water’ problem the first person that pops in your mind is a plumber but you would actually have to seek the basement waterproofing contractor.

Seepage through a cove joint is one common water problem in any basement. The cove joint is a small opening that lies between your basement floor and the wall. Heavy rainfall and melting snow cause hydrostatic pressure forcing water through the foundation.

Sealants won’t work as the pressure is so strong that it will force the sealants that is placed in the cove joint out. Instead, interior drain tiles will have to be installed to relieve water pressure to drain the water from the house.

Here are three reasons why a plumber won’t be able to install drain tiles –

  1. Training – Mostly plumbers are not trained or qualified to repair basement waterproofing problems. Their skills are directed towards how to control the entry and exit of water in the house in the proper fashion. Only the basement waterproofing contractor would be skilled and trained to fix basement water seepage problems.
  1. Experience – Even though the plumbers are efficient and could probably make out how to install drain tiles, they won’t have the necessary experience to finish the job efficiently. Only a basement waterproofing contractor would have the years of experience dealing with all kinds of basements to have the installation and design experience to properly install basement drain tiles.
  1. Materials and technology – Again only a basement waterproofing contractor would have all the requisite materials, products, and high-end technology needed to safely and effectively install drain tiles in the basement of a house or building and keep your basement clean and dry.

A plumber, even though his work has evolved through the years, will carry only the materials and equipment he would need to carry out his plumbing work effectively. The technology and material required for basement waterproofing would be much more expensive than what a plumber can afford.

french drain installation in Edison NJ 08817

How to Screw Up a French Drain Installation in Edison NJ 08817

French Drain Installation In Edison NJ 08817

French drains are a wonderful solution to a wet basement problem. Based on an old invention designed to move water via gravity, they have been in use for nearly 200 years. So while they are a great solution to wet basement problems, they can (and often are) installed wrong, and fail to work as designed.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Because when a French drain is installed correctly, it can save your basement from drainage problems, and pretty much fix any wet basement problem that you have.

With that, here are some typical ways to screw up a French drain installation.

Wrong Way Facing Holes

When installing your perforated piping, you face the holes upward instead of down, which is completely opposite to the point of a French drain. This error stops entry water from routing out of your home, and allows it to stagnate and sit idle. Always check that the holes or slots are pointed towards the ground so optimal drainage can take place.

Too Little Gravel Beneath

Gravel beneath your perforated pipe is as important to the process as the pipe itself. Because without adequate gravel, water does not drain. Too much dirt and not enough gravel stops up the holes and prevents water from removing itself from the situation. Always ensure that you are using the right amount of gravel for your French drain so that they work as intended.

Bad Pipe Slope

This part isn’t tricky, but for how a French drain functions, it’s perhaps the most important. If you fail at having enough slope (or fall) on the drain pipe routing water away from your home, you’re going to have a bad time. The pipe absolutely needs to drain downhill, far away from your home’s foundation. The last thing you want is to go through all that work just to find out that the water exiting your basement is just seeping back in a few hours later.

Installing a French drain is a great solution to a basement water problem. But when done incorrectly, can end up costing you more than just simply paying a professional from the start.

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Understanding the Incredible Functionality of a Basement Grate Drainage System

If you are a property owner, you must have encountered basement drainage problems at one time or the other. This is more prevalent in areas experiencing intense rainfall or in newly built structures. While the market has myriad solutions for this common problem, none rivals the advanced grate drainage system.

Timely Water Drainage Solution

This product has emerged from years of research and trial and errors in the water drainage industry. The dangers that poor basement drainage poses to your property are legion, including bowing foundations, cracks, damp interiors and even cave-ins. It is no wonder the grate drain technology has largely been hailed by homeowners.

Examining Grate Drainage System in Detail

To appreciate why the grate drainage system should be an integral part of your waterproofing system, consider these factors:

  • Ergonomically designed dual chamber: The system features large punch holes on the sides to allow rapid drainage of groundwater. The fact that it can accept water from all directions makes it more efficient in draining your basement and avoiding any retention of moisture.
  • More functionality: Unlike other drainage systems, the grate drain directs water to the sump liner rather than allowing the water to flow under the basement slab.
  • Ease of maintenance: This system also features a simple cover and panel to allow easy access when there is a problem with drainage. A technician can easily flush and restore effective water flow without any inconveniences.
  • Customization: When buying a drainage system for your property, you need not resort to expensive cutting and fitting because the manufacturer can easily customize it according to your unique needs. This makes it easier to fit as well as less expensive than other market alternatives.
  • Durability: The technology in manufacturing these products is highly advanced. For instance, hot dip galvanizing of steel grates extends their life significantly. This saves you repair and maintenance costs that can set you back financially.
  • Reduction of bacteria spread in the basement: The system is effective in separation of bacteria colonies through the dual chamber design. By preventing cross-contamination, your property stays more hygienic.
  • Guaranteed design: When you buy this grate drainage system from certified suppliers, you get a warranty on the product. This assures you that there is world-class workmanship behind the technology used to make the products.

Many other benefits come with this amazing product. Its versatility in usage makes it possible for you to use it in pool, patio, threshold, balcony and even shower drainage. It is not only a safe drainage option but one whose utility value is not in doubt.