We can repair and waterproof any crawl space!

DSC00870 Crawl Space WaterproofingSelect also waterproofs and repairs crawl spaces. With crawl spaces being tight and damp by nature it’s important to control and limit moisture & humidity from building.

Increased levels of humidity and moisture in a crawl space can damage insulation, support beams, and can eventually support mold and mildew growth.

Select Basement can inspect your crawl space, spot key indicators, and help design a plan to get the crawl space into the condition that you want.

Dry crawl spaces have fewer bugs, less moisture, and less problems. Our crawl space encapsulation and repair methods are closed and secure and can help to make your home more energy efficient. Floods and standing water can cause problems, even in crawl spaces and Select Basement Waterproofing of New Jersey can help!

crawlshielddiagram Crawl Space Waterproofing

Select Basement uses the best products on the market provided by Grate Products.

Learn more about our Vapor Barrier for Crawlspaces. See some examples of what we have done in the past for other crawl spaces.

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